Sunday, February 27, 2011

If ya like it then you shoulda put some paint on it

This weekend was spent with lots of fun-filled things including girl's night out on Friday night and a baby shower for my cousin, Anna, on Saturday.  After the shower Anna's parents, sister, husband and I had some delicious fried chicken dinners and finished organizing her gifts in the nursery.  Her little girl, Ava Kate, is set to arrive March 8th and her nursery is pretty much done.  All we need now is that sweet baby to put in there!

My favorite part of Ava Kate's nursery is her bright, green dresser.  It's an old dresser Anna inherited from her husband's aunt but she totally transformed it with a couple of coats of green paint.

photo courtesy of shen{anna}gans

I just love how you can take any old piece of furniture and make it brand new with a coat of brightly colored paint.  Anna's dresser reminded me of several other brightly colored dressers and chests I've seen around the web...

 Sorry I don't have the photo credits for these images but I saved them so long ago I can't remember where they came from now.  But seriously, I've seen some hideous pieces of junk turned into beautiful pieces of furniture all because of a splash of color.  Makes me want to go find something to paint for my bedroom.  I'll have to keep you posted on that.

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  1. You can just go ahead and credit me for those other beauts!