Thursday, May 26, 2011

Designer on a Dime

Money is tight for everyone these days, but a recession is no reason not to look fashionable and fabulous.  Here in the South we have limited access to designer goodies anyway.  I mean, there's access, but not like in New York or L.A.  So to keep with the times without breaking my bank, I make do with what I can find... and most of the time I find it at Target.

Of course Target is well-known for its designer collaborations, but outside of that even, they have some pretty awesome stuff, that, while not quite the real thing, is close enough... for now.

Chanel ballet flats?  Please and thank you.  Since I can't quite pony up the money for Chanel yet, cue the Target alternative:

When I saw those cream colored beauts online, I started reaching for the credit card, only to find out they were sold out.  Bummer. 

Almost as good as cute shoes, is a cute handbag.  I've recently become obsessed with Proenza Schouler's PS1.  It comes in like a zillion different colors and patterns and I just love it.  I do not love the price tag, though (2k range...eek!)  My substitute?

I bought this bag several months ago and LOVED it... til it broke.  The little metal clasp part tore through the faux leather and I eventually had to throw it away.  That sucked, but I recently discovered a fun fact about they sell melie bianco handbags!  Who knew?  That led me to discover this little gem:

My new favorite handbag... once I buy it.  At $79, it's still a little bit cheaper than buying the bag of melie b's site and definitely more reasonable that $2,000.  Too bad I don't have  a birthday againt until October...

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